Saturday, November 28, 2009

Need Another Reason To Text? How About Losing Weight?

With the rise of obesity in our society people will try almost anything to lose weight. This can include different diets, workout regiments and even surgery. The research and market exposure tackling such a topic is outstanding. However, a new study from the University of California purposes a different method to losing weight...texting?

Subjects in the study were sent 3-5 text messages a day with friendly tips and reminders on nutrition and weight control. Furthermore, calls would be carried out throughout the study to subjects by a health counselor.
Participants of the study lost on average slightly over 6lbs in 16 weeks. This was 4lbs more than those who were not texted during the study. Although 6lbs seems like a minor loss this is fairly significant considering no other adjustments were made to these people's lives.

The study purposes an interesting method of assisting people in losing weight. With the rise of child obesity and the popularity of cell phones such an idea isn't too far-fetched. New IPhone applications are always arising regarding diet tips and nutritional advice. In addition, one could use such a protocol when needing advice or motivation from their trainer which is not always present. So the next time you text your overweight friend try texting them some diet advice. Who may go over well.

Dr. Wayne Button, BSc, D.C

Patrick K, Raab F, Adams MA, Dillon L, Zabinski M, Rock CL, Griswold WG, & Norman GJ (2009). A text message-based intervention for weight loss: randomized controlled trial. Journal of medical Internet research, 11 (1) PMID: 19141433

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